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2K23863 - Siig Cyber Parallel JJ-P00112-S6 Pci Parallel Adapter

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2K23863 Cyber Parallel JJP00112S6

Optimize your pc efficiency now with a 2K23863 - Cyber Parallel, a great parallel port card by Siig. Among the many major attributes for this port card is the ports - 1 x 25-pin db-25 ieee 1284 parallel. Additional features include manufacturer - siig, inc, product_line - cyber parallel and form_factor - plug-in card. Are you currently thinking about purchasing the 2K23863 - Cyber Parallel and you are simply looking for the very best value for this item? Or you want to know the views of other customers before you buy it? In that case then you're in the right spot. Best deal on the 2k23863 - cyber parallel jj-p00112-s6, click the link below.


MPN: 3863
Package Quantity: 1

SIIGs Cyber Parallel PCI adapter is created to add one high-speed, 25-pin parallel port, to connect an further parallel port device to your PCI-enabled desktop computer. The Cyber Parallel PCI is fully compatible utilizing a wide assortment of Windows operating systems and is backed by SIIGs limited lifetime warranty. 2 universal card standard and IEEE 1284-1994 Parallel Port Standards. This single parallel port adapter comes with an enhanced bend-resistant bracket to give a considerably more secure connection towards the system. The Cyber Parallel PCI fully conforms to PCI V2. And it works with 32-/64-bit, 3. It truly is also FCC Class B (Do C) amp; CE regulatory approved and Ro HS-compliant. 3V/5V PCI and PCI-X slots to add an extra parallel port for further parallel port device connections. It supports EPP/ECP, BPP (bi-directional) , and SPP (standard) parallel port modes and PCI IRQ sharing to lessen IRQ conflicts.


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