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Combo 2 DB-9 Serial (RS-232, Com) + 1 DB-25 Parallel Printer Ports (LPT1) Pci-e Controller Card, Ioc Chipset

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Combo 2 DB9 Serial

Do you need to get hold of a port card for your system? The Combo 2 DB-9 Serial a great parallel port card manufactured by Syba is a superb port card. In my opinion you will love that the item comes along with serial port specifications: programmable baud rate generators, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8-bit characters. Other highlights consist of pci-e specification 2. 1 and supports more than one card in a system. The manufacturer's number for this is SY-PEX50040. The port card is 1.25"H x 6.5"L x 5.25"W. It has got a weight of 190grams. When considering the actual characteristics of an parallel port card which you will want, you can be assured that you will get what you require and desire. There are plenty of brands that produce port cards, with all of the brands offering various price ranges. Take a look at a few different brand names if you don't have one particularly that you simply favour. This step will help you get an amazing parallel port card that you'll like. Remember that extended warranties are offered, but they come at a cost and are all too often excessive. I would like you to get the best price when choosing a port card for your pc.


Model: SY-PEX50040
UPS: 810154017881
Package Quantity: 1

Easily add 2 Serial and 1 Printer ports to desktop PCs. Keeps old Serial devices alive. Serial ports are ideal for connecting to modem, cellular phone, PDA, ISDN terminal adapter, satellite receiver, graphic tablet, bar code scanner, label printer, automated teller machine, GPS, finger print identification, Infra-Red transceiver, packet radio, magnetic card reader, Pos devices, multi-modem dail-up server, digital camera, automation interface, LED display, and card reader.


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