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One Ecp/epp Parallel Port

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One Ecpepp Parallel Port

Adding a One Ecp/epp Parallel Port mod helps to make your pc seem newer. The features include os support - windows 95b or later, parallel ports - 1 and weight - 0. 80 lb. The port card has got a weight of 0.12 lbs. Choosing a One Ecp/epp Parallel Port, add to cart by selecting the link below.


Model: LP-P01011-S6
UPS: 662774005003
Package Quantity: 1

1. One ECP/EPP parallel port, Universal PCI card design to work in 32-/64-bit, 3. Low profile adapter for low profile chassis installation. Full assistance for Windows-based software. 3V/5V PCI and PCI-X slots. 2. 3v/5v PCI and PCI-X slot. Key Features and Benefits - Can be installed in 32-/64-bit, 3.


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