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Star Tech Io Card PEX1S1P952 1S1P Native Pci Express Parallel Serial Combo Card 16950 Uart

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StarIo Card PEX1S1P952 1S1P Native Pci

Boost up your system capability by upgrading a StarIo Card PEX1S1P952 1S1P Native Pci - a great product manufactured by 132017726519 is the UPC barcode or the "Universal Product Code", for this fantastic port card. It's my opinion you will love that the product features this feature, star tech io card pex1s1p952 1s1p native pci express parallel serial combo card 16950 uart. Other highlights consist of new - retail, 1-year warranty and startech. com pex1s1p952. It has got a weight of 1 lbs. Stario card pex1s1p952. If you want a good deal on this parallel port card, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.


MPN: Startech.c-PEX1S1P952
UPS: 132017726519
Package Quantity: 1

The PEX1S1P952 1S1P Native PCI Express Parallel/Serial Combo Card with 16950 UART turns a PCI Express slot into 1 RS232 (DB9) serial, and 1 parallel port. The card also features an optional low profile/half-height bracket that enables you to install the card in virtually any computer case, no matter form element. This 1-Port Serial/1-Port Parallel card provides compatibility with a broad range of operating systems including Windows (32/64-bit) and Linux, for easy integration into mixed environments. The combo card features a native PCI Express single chip design that enables you to take advantage of full PCI Express capability, providing enhanced speed and reliability while reducing the load applied for the CPU by as significantly as 48% over conventional serial cards that use a bridge chip design.


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